Looking Back

Spanish firm specialized in first quality leather handmade and made-to-measure footwear creation for men and women, including, of course, orthopedic footwear too. We also make handbags and suitcases for the most exigent customers.

The company was born in 1958 from Julio García’s gifted hands, heir of a long family tradition starting in the nineteenth century and which has been lasting for more than four generations.

Julio García has been registered as the twentieth craftsman in Castilla y León, Spain.

He has known how to merge new trends and traditional crafts for more than forty years so far.

A handicraft is many jobs assembled in just one person, so Julio García is not only a shoemaker, but a designer, a pattern maker, a cutter and a shoe dresser.

He manufactures his goods, creating unique pieces of footwear for every client by keeping his/her measures, sticking to his/her tastes and combining experience, expertise, art, design, thoroughness and good quality all together.

We started our journey in a small workshop at Salamanca city center many years ago and although we have spread our services over the time to four continents in order to reach our customers’ needs, we stay true to our beliefs and continue providing our customers with a comfortable, good quality, unique and long-lived product, so that our work pattern and know-how are our best trademarks.

All our models are available for men and women. People all over the world wear our footwear at work, at their leisure time or to share with their loved ones and for us, this is the best reward and where our effort and dedication lay, it means, YOU.