Shoe elegance and strength come as a result of using the best quality raw materials, and that is why Julio García selects himself the best quality leathers, made by European tanners, especially Spaniards, in order to make sure that materials are consistent with the desired finishing level and with the level of detail we are offering to our customers.

In our workshop in Salamanca you can find mainly calf leather:

Which provides with three different leather types, flat, grainy or Scotchgrain and suede. These are used for the smartest footwear.
Which is partially oiled leather, intended for informal and sport


footwear. Its vegetal tanned process provides it with a great
resistance. Its appearance might not seem as delicate or elegant as for example a blucher made of boxcalf, however, in our collection you can find perfectly decorated models, such as hand-sewn and rubber sole blucher full-brogue, to us one of the best choices for both long urban or rural days, when suits are not required but you still look for a touch of distinction.

However, to those who love exotic leather we can also offer crocodile, lizard and snake leathers.

Herein, we offer a leather classification according to the use we like to give to each of them (footwear, handbags or suitcases). Our choice is based on leather thickness and elasticity among some others.