Rules and Recommendations


Leather, as a natural raw material, requires special cares in order to keep it well preserved and ensure its durability, softness, elasticity and shine. Thanks to all this, we will have a long-lasting product.


Leather in a shoe may end up drying and cracking if we don’t treat it with care, so if you want to keep your leather footwear new for many years, you only have to follow a few simple tips to keep it clean and moisturized.



  • At the beginning, you shouldn’t put on your new shoes for more than two or three hours a day. After some time, when you feel your feet fully adapted to them, then you can start wearing them all day if you wish, this way we will avoid the typical bothering sores on our feet.
  • We should switch between shoes and never use the same ones for two days in a row.
  • Never mind what kind of shoes you are using, use a shoehorn to help your foot getting in.
  • After taking them off, put a last inside each shoe to keep leather stretched and avoid wrinkles. This must be done every time after using them, especially on rainy or snowy days; in those days that shoes get wet, we have to leave them drying inside their last to keep their original shape intact and never under a heat source.
  • If you are not going to use your shoes for a while, apply a thin shoe polish layer and keep them inside the cloth bag and the carton box we give you when you buy them.