Equipment needed:
Your basic equipment should consist of:
1. A brush made of ox/horse/pig/pita fiber bristles to remove superficial dirt.
2. A soft brush, cotton cloth, soft sponges or even your clean fingers to apply creams or polishes. Whatever tool we use, it must be different for each color.
3. Polishes and creams must match the colors of our shoes unless we want to make them darker.
4. Polishing brushes made of horse hair or horsetail.

The exclusive footwear we produce requires the best cleaning tools.

First, superficial dirt needs to be removed with a brush made of ox/horse/pig/pita fiber bristles. In a second step, we will apply a thin and regular shoe polish layer with a cotton cloth or directly with your fingers and spread it slowly and in circles as many times as required, however, you need to be careful and never apply excessive amounts of cream if we want them to keep their natural shine, since leather can only absorb a certain quantity.
You must wait a few minutes for the cream to hydrate the skin properly. After that, use your polishing brush or a piece of soft cloth to make them fully shine.

This skin has followed a different tanning process to this used with boxcalf, and it is called vegetal tanning. Here, natural vegetal elements like tree bark are used and leather will become more or less oiled depending on its future usage.

You can clean it the same way you clean boxcalf although this type of tanning also allows you to use other procedures thanks to its special characteristics.

After using them for a long time, leather looses part of its oil and becomes dry. The best way to restore the skin grease is applying once a year a layer of, preferably, olive oil, or if that’s not possible NIVEA cream is also good to moisturize it again. Then, leave it drying at room-temperature and never under a heat source. Finally, we can apply cream as explained above.

If our footwear is very dirty, then we should first clean it with some warm water and some neutral soap (using a soft sponge and a special soap for shoes). We will massage with a soft sponge the shoe to create abundant foam and clean it gradually with a clean and slightly wet sponge. Finally we will leave the shoes drying alone, again far from a heat source, (this is very important! ) and once they are perfectly dried, we will applied the cream that best matches the color of our shoes.