ELEGANCE BEGINS WITH YOUR FOOTWEAR. Creating a made to measure pair of shoes is a challenge and it’s reached by our experienced and profesional craftsman. We turn your feet measures into a stylish, comfortable and lasting artwork. Buying made to measure footwear means to choose the model, design, last, leather and colors intended to dress you up. Soles can be made of leather, which has been coated with a protective layer, or of foam, in both cases carefully hand- sewn.

Made to measure footwear can’t amend either anatomic abnormalities or functional malformations, such as flat feet, pes cavus, hammertoes, bunions, calluses, poor blood circulation or rheumatic diseases, nonetheless, they can adapt to you feet as gloves stick to your hands, reducing former pain and maximizing comfort without compromising on style or design, which will be interpreted by our brain as a nice sensation.

Your measure will be stored, so as whenever you need a new pair, you will only have to contact us to specify which your new choice is and once it has been finalized, we will send it to your address. When we become adults, feet stop growing, so foot volume will change only if you drastically put on weight, which means that there is no need to frequently measure your feet and consequently that your last can be reused for many years.