Taking Measurements

We start to personalize your footwear choice by taking your feet and leg measures.

Within the diagram below you can see all the steps followed by our craftsman. It is an easy but crucial procedure when hand making shoes, boots, etc.


1) First you need to take a seat and put your foot on a sheet of paper. Then you will draw your foot silhouette with a thin pen.

2) You should indicate the size you usually buy.

3) With your foot on the sheet of paper, we will follow the steps bellow:

a. Measuring your toes outline, from the base of your little toe to your bunion or most prominent part of your foot.

b. Measuring your instep contour, by drawing a circle from the most prominent bone of your instep.

c. Measuring from the edge of your heel bone to the most prominent upper bone, surrounding your foot with a measuring tape.

d. In order to hand make boots or booties, apart from the measures explained above, we will need height as well, (from the ground to the highest part of your leg you want to have covered by your footwear) and your leg width (here we need your ankle width and the thickest part of your calf)

e. Measuring your foot length; we can use Brannock device.