Oxford shoes (American Balmoral) are pure elegance turned into men’s footwear. They were born in Scotland and Ireland during the 18th century; however their name comes from the fact that they were massively used by students at Oxford University, after Oscar Wilde created trends.

These can be described as flat and scarcely ornate, aiming to be elegant and refined but avoiding excess. It is tied over the instep and laces are organized in five or six levels. There are several versions of these: flat and unengraved shoes; legate kind,

with decorative perforations (or broguing as experts called them) on the seams; semi-brogue, with broguing on the seams and on the toecap as well; full-brogue, with broguing on the toecap and shoe sides.

Oxford shoes are usually made of black or brown sturdy leather; suede is more unusual here since it makes shoes seem less distinguished. We dare to say then that Oxford shoes are the most suitable shoes on the market for special occasions and official celebrations.