Derby / Blucher

These are named after the 18th century Prussian general Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher, who fought together with Wellington at Waterloo and managed to defeat Napoleon. He commissioned a boot with side pieces lapped over the front and with English seams, in an effort to provide his troops with improved footwear. Afterwards, this design was adopted by armies across Europe and then turned into fashionable models up to the present.

This is the appropriate shoe for you if you have narrow feet and a high instep, since

it will avoid the unattractive too opened eyerow, as it would be the case if you used Oxford shoes.

People classified it as slightly less elegant than Oxford kind, but very polyvalent, which means that we can wear it both in formal or informal occasions.

We can offer you several versions: plain, semi-brogue and full-brogue.