Loafers or slip-ons find their origins in those shoes used by native Americans, made of untanned leather. This is a low, lace-less, light and flexible shoe and although there are several variations, the most typical one consists of a hand sewn insole and sides made of one piece of leather (plain or decorated), stitched together at the top, and sometimes with a vamp. Penny Loafer type is one of the most famous variations and is characterized for having a leather strip (mask) over the tongue, on which there used to be a penny engraved.

There is another typical decoration consisting of two tassels knotted on the instep; this leads us to the Tassel Loafer kind. You can find this two types and a lot more, including our own loafer-based designs within our collect.

As it doesn’t have either buckles or laces, we would prevent people with prominent insteps from using them, since it won’t be the most comfortable footwear for them. Other than this, Loafers are a classical shoe which never will go out of fashion.